APP(Unity에서 제작), 가변크기, 플레이타임 5-10분, 2023

'Hale' - Breathing Within the Virtual Disk...

This piece is nothing more than a simple and brief act of breathing within the virtual space. However, it is a small and precious first attempt, created in the midst of deep interest and contemplation about the virtual realm. Users embark on a series of yoga sessions through a slide UI. You can see a single life that occupies this space. Let's Explore imperfect 'existence'.

A place is a meaningful space related to humans. Media now exists not merely as something transmitted or displayed but as a crucial activity area that competes with real-world spaces. Distinguishing between location-based physical space and virtual digital space is no longer straightforward. These two spaces overlap, and our perception is intertwined.

I've often experienced the phenomenon of coexisting in physical space while mentally immersing myself in the virtual world. This led me to believe in the existence of a multi-layered reality. Essentially, the body engaged in virtual activities temporarily empties itself in the real world, yet the mind and spirit remain active, even in the absence of a physical presence in the virtual realm. In creating this game, my intention was to capture such peculiar moments, hoping that they could serve as a subtly comforting space.
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